F e d e r a t i o n v C i v i l S e r v i c e


Played this year at Halifax Bowling Club, a venue chosen by the Federation, the excellent Greens and superb facilities drew admiring comments from all the players. The Federation and the Civil Service choose the venue for this challenge match on alternate years, the venue for 2014 is yet to be announced but the choice is with the Civil Service.


The Federation team were in dominant form in the early stages and in fact maintained that form until the final game before the lunch-break when Derek Ainsworth (Southport) for the Civil Service registered their first win. Best of the seven pre-lunch winners for the Federation were Chris Koral (Mid-Cheshire) and Peter Fielding (Rochdale).


The excellent buffet lunch prepared by the Halifax ladies must have fortified the Civil Service team for thereafter they won three of the last four games with Steve Mellor (Rochdale) leading the way. The only winner for the Federation, in the last four, was Mark Barnett (Halifax). The final result a win for the Federation by thirty-three chalks, 229 196.


Federation Civil Service

1.      Clive Austin (Halifax) 21 20 Duncan Crabtree (Preston)

2.      Paul Heap (Middleton) 21 19 Peter Tilley (High Peak)

3.      Mark Winnington (Mid-Cheshire) 21 16 Paul Taylor (Blackpool)

4.      Tom Taylor (Bury) 21 18 Andrew Goodair (Barnsley)

5.      Chris Koral (Mid-Cheshire) 21 - 07 Steve Bottomley (Leeds)

6.      Steve Edwards (Preston) 21 17 Chris Lord (Stalybridge)

7.      Peter Fielding (Rochdale) 21 - 08 Stuart Ivers (Bolton)

8.      Sam Deacon (Bury) 14 - 21 Derek Ainsworth (Southport)

9.      Stuart Kenyon (Preston) 13 - 21 Steve Mellor (Rochdale)

10.  Andy Fergus (Rochdale) 16 21 Alan Lane (Leigh)

11.  Mark Barnett (Halifax) 21 - 07 Paul Whitely (Blackpool)

12.  Jim Hynes (Middleton) 18 - 21 Nick Kershaw (Rochdale)

229 - 196


Brian Holgate

Press Officer